Hurom consistently invests into further research and development for the health of humanity.

The Hurom R&D Center serves more functions than merely developing new products . The Juice Therapy System represents the core value of Hurom R&D Center by developing various new recipes and products from continued research and development in the name of consumers’ health.

Product development center

We at Hurom consider it our calling to improve the dietary lives of modern people. As reflected in our four-decade legacy, we are devoted to developing products and conducting research that contribute to improving the health of the modern people. Most recently, we have started developing products through 3D printing technology, and continue to use cutting-edge technology to create products that cater to your happiness and your health.

Product testing lab

Hurom pursues to develop healthy products that can be used over a long span of time. In our product testing lab, we utilize temperature measuring units, 3D measuring units, ingredient examining units, salt spray examining units, motor load examining units, and fluorescent X-ray analyzing units to enhance our products’ durability and ability to retain nutrients.

Nutrition analysis center

Hurom aims to bring out 100% of the original taste and nutrition of ingredients through technological development. In our nutrition analysis center, we continuously analyze and research ways to improve our retention of nutrients by utilizing our one-of-a-kind Slow Squeezing method, minimizing heat and damage issues.

Recipe development center (Phytos)

Hurom researches and designs the best recipes to improve the dietary lives of modern people. To facilitate this process, we operate an independent demonstration center for trying and analyzing nutrition by processing various fresh ingredients to come up with more nutritionally-perfect juices.

Hurom Exhibition Hall

The Hurom Exhibition Hall is where our company’s past and future meet, capturing the history of Hurom from our very first products to our newest models. Here, you can witness the progression of Hurom’s technology and contribution to a dialogue held between us, our partners, and our consumers.